Ace your next networking event using Monarch Movements 5 steps to success

Ace your next networking event using Monarch Movements 5 steps to success

London-based sales and marketing firm, Monarch Movements frequently attend industry events, providing the company with tremendous networking opportunities. 

With development at the core of the business philosophy, Monarch Movements urge their staff and contractors to capitalise on networking opportunities and build a portfolio of successful individuals they can rely on for advice and guidance. The firm has published their guide for successful networking.

1/ Set expectations

Be realistic about the number of people it’s possible to try and connect with. A realistic expectation about numbers will prevent disappointment and lead to more quality than quantity. Just one quality connection is a great achievement at any networking event.

2/ Prepare questions

Having questions prepared can be a good ice-breaker and initiate conversation. Questions help the quality of a conversation, engagement, and making the person asked feel like the listener is interested and makes them feel important.

3/ Take business cards

There are many websites to create cost-effective and professional business cards that will help to establish a personal brand. “Business cards are a great way to get yourself out there and provide people with your contact details,” said Damian Crofts, Managing Director at Monarch Movements.

4/ Be aware of body language

Implementing simple body language hacks can have a dramatic effect. Smiling is a simple yet efficient manner to seem more approachable. During a conversation, it’s also important to maintain eye contact and have open arms, to look interested yet relaxed.

5/ Follow up

Too often, people don’t consolidate the connections they make by forgetting to follow up. Digital advances have made following up with people easier than ever. A quick email or connection on LinkedIn to check in and develop the relationship is critical to building a strong network.

Monarch Movements argue that mastering the art of networking is imperative for business success and the power of a good network shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Approaching strangers to strike up a conversation and attempt to build a business relationship can be incredibly daunting. However, after someone takes that giant leap outside of their comfort zone and starts to network it can pay dividends,” said Managing Director at Monarch Movements, Damian Crofts.

Monarch Movements is a dynamic and cultured sales and marketing firm based in Angel, London. The company specialises in customer acquisition through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. By understanding their clients’ customers and target markets, as well as long and short-term goals, Monarch Movements can develop unique marketing campaigns which deliver quality results and build brand loyalty. The firm encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to capitalise on every networking opportunity and to establish a strong network to assist them on their entrepreneurial journey.