‘Glossophobia’ Investigated by Monarch Movements

‘Glossophobia’ Investigated by Monarch Movements

Managing Director at Monarch Movements Damian Crofts has a passion for public speaking, and relishes the opportunity to impart his wisdom onto aspiring entrepreneurs. However, the award-winning entrepreneur recognises many people suffer from Glossophobia, and has therefore investigated the subject to help people overcome their fear of public speaking. 

Damian Crofts, Managing Director of Monarch Movements, is a frequent public speaker. The MD’s speaking engagements range from company based workshops to more significant events at industry seminars, all of which have a focus on aspiring future entrepreneurs within the sales and marketing industry. As a part of Monarch Movements’ development of individuals, the firm teaches their contractors the skills needed when public speaking and help to equip them with the confidence necessary to step outside of their comfort zone.  

However, the Managing Director is aware that public speaking does not come naturally to everyone, with some people suffering from Glossophobia. This fear of public speaking can hold some people back from fulfilling their potential, so Damian Crofts has taken the time to share his advice on how to overcome the fear of public speaking.  

Before the fear of public speaking can be overcome, it is firstly important to recognise it and come to terms with it,” states the Managing Director. “If the fear is not acknowledged and recognised, then the steps to overcome it will be irrelevant. The second piece of advice sounds simple but can have a huge positive change in person’s confidence. This advice is to find something that will centre and balance the body, such as holding onto a pen,” continued the Managing Director. The fear of public speaking can put a person off balance, so holding something small can help focus the body and mind, making a person feel grounded. “Thirdly, dont worry about what other people are thinking.  Focus on yourself and the message that you want to portray. And lastly, it is important to keep practicing and taking any opportunity to utilise your public speaking skills,” concluded the Managing Director.  

Public speaking is a crucial skill for any entrepreneur to have in their repertoire, and because of this, Monarch Movements are urging those with a fear of public speaking to apply these tips. 


Source: https://www.success.com/blog/how-i-finally-overcame-my-fear-of-public-speaking