Monarch Movements Commitment to Development Pays Dividends

Monarch Movements Commitment to Development Pays Dividends

After extensive market research and weeks of planning, Managing Director at Monarch Movements Damian Crofts released a statement confirming the firm’s expansion into Maidstone, as the firm’s commitment to development pays dividends. 

London-based sales and marketing firm Monarch Movements have focused on the development of their workforce, and that is now paying dividends as the firm confirmed they will be expanding their market reach into Maidstone. The new location, set to launch on July 31st will be spearheaded by one of the firm’s most consistent top performers, Kamil Nosal. Kamil made the big decision to move to the UK, having previously worked with Monarch Movements Polish branch. Since then, Kamil has shown an incredible thirst for knowledge, constantly networking and shadowing some of the most successful sales and marketing professionals in the UK, and swiftly implemented all of the information he learned. “Kamil is an incredible student, and that has been one of the biggest factors in his business development. He is also an amazing coach and mentor which will stand him in good stead for overseeing this new project,” commented Damian Crofts, Managing Director at Monarch Movements.

Monarch Movements is a young firm with massive growth goals, and Mr Crofts believes his commitment to development will allow the firm to follow through on those goals. Speaking in a previous interview, Mr Crofts revealed the firm’s colossal growth goals “My primary objective is to grow the Monarch Movements brand. I want to see us operating in nine locations across the UK, minimum. That may seem insane. However, we have put in place some solid foundations built an A-team and acquired a portfolio of clients with goals as big as ours. We’re going to make it happen!”

The expansion into Maidstone is the firm’s fist step towards those growth goals and with five months of the year left, Mr Crofts is confident they will achieve those goals.

There is a sense of excitement in the air at Monarch Movements as the firm’s workforce realise that with growth comes opportunity. “As our business continues to grow, simultaneously opportunities for development arise,” commented Mr Crofts. The entrepreneur and director at Monarch Movements is passionate about providing opportunity to their staff and contractors to reach their goals and achieve their full potential. “We work with some incredibly ambitious and talented individuals whose goals are massive, and my personal mission is to provide them with the opportunity to fulfil their potential,” commented Mr Crofts.

Monarch Movements is a dynamic and cultured sales and marketing firm specialising in customer acquisition through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. The expansion into Maidstone has instilled a fresh sense of excitement and motivation among the firm’s staff and contractors and Mr Crofts is predicting big things in the coming months.