Monarch Movements host workshop designed to help contractors improve management skills

Monarch Movements host workshop designed to help contractors improve management skills

London-based direct sales and marketing specialists,  Monarch Movements believe that good managers are the catalyst for business growth. This past week, the firm held a workshop to help their contractors improve their management skills.

Leadership expert and TED Speaker, Simon Sinek famously quoted, “How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything—for better or for worse” —Simon Sinek. As the most sought-after leadership consultant, Simon Sinek has worked groups ranging from the military to members of Congress. Sales and marketing firm, Monarch Movements believes that good leaders are the best catalyst for business growth and are passionate about teaching their staff and contractors how to lead.

About the firm –

Monarch Movements operate their business practices within the sales and marketing industry and highlight that one of the benefits to the industry is that everyone starts off at the same entry point. As opposed to corporate environments, professionals (regardless of age or experience) progress in the industry based on individual results and become leaders based on their merit. This business model of promotion from within means that Monarch Movements regard leadership development of their workforce as a top priority. The firm sees leadership development as one of the most crucial long-term business strategies, with the MD, Damian Crofts, devoting much of his time to developing strong leaders.

As experts in leadership development, Monarch Movements gives their tips for first-time leaders:

Listen to other people’s stories and show interest and a commitment to their hopes and dreams with conversations focused on them.

Provide mentorship to pass on the knowledge that has been learnt so that the same mistakes aren’t made.

Ask for ideas because leaders will grow in confidence when they see their ideas being valued.

Offer opportunities to let someone else take control.

​Monarch Movements are specialists in customer acquisitions and promoting a positive brand awareness for their clients. The firm use face-to-face marketing techniques that deliver quality results and build a positive brand identity. The Monarch Movements management team are passionate about their people, and they have an open-door policy to allow for easy communication that helps to develop a cohesive working environment for their leaders.