There’s Too Much Pressure on Job Candidates States Monarch Movements 

There’s Too Much Pressure on Job Candidates States Monarch Movements 

Monarch Movements, a leading sales and marketing firm believes that there is too much pressure on job candidates to display a certain level of skill and experience. This statement follows the firm recently learning that more than half of applicants lie on their CV and in applications.   

A recent study found that a shockingly high 55 percent of UK employees surveyed admitted to lying, or withholding relevant information when filling out a job application or submitting their CV.  

Many of those surveyed managed to secure jobs, but many were made to take additional training to ensure they fit the extensive job specification. Many of those hired employees that were surveyed were also required to take a pay cut, and a third were let go from their new positions.  

 Monarch Movements understands the current fragile job market, particularly when it comes to young professionals. The firm recognises that there is now a common culture where every individual has an undergraduate degree; they are keen to offer opportunities to those from all backgrounds. One of the many struggles job seekers face in today’s climate is the extensive competition, requiring each young professional to have the edge over their peers. The firm is keen to reassure young professionals with high personality traits that doors are not immediately shut for them. Monarch Movements offers a variety of internal training and development schemes to ensure that their team can grow and learn during their time with the company.  

 The firm believes that the majority of companies set unattainable standards for many of their opportunities, resulting in a lot of applicants feeling the undeniable need to lie. Monarch Movements is keen to destroy this practice that has become extremely common, particularly within the marketing industry.  

Monarch Movements believe that existing qualifications and experience is not as vital in prospective employees as a positive attitude and strong work ethic. The firm values individuals who are keen to learn, develop and perfect skills they can directly apply to their new roles. The firm understands that many young professionals possess the qualifications, but are urging those with a strong student mentality to also consider applying for positions at Monarch Movements.  

 Monarch Movements is the Islington based direct marketing firm that specialises in campaign management, unique campaigns and producing high-quality results. The business has a team of dynamic young professionals that have an evident dedication to the company.